Horse walker with roof

Why use a horse walker

Horse walkers are a great addition to both private and commercial equestrian centres.

Horse walkers or horse exercisers provide benefits to both horses and owners. Warming up and cooling off your horse prior to riding as they are sometimes referred to, are enormous. You will quickly see the benefits of using the Exerciser with young horses or horses under rehabilitation after injury, by helping to build muscle and strength without interference from the rider. Using the Exerciser to warm up muscles prior to work and again during the cooling down stage will help prevent injuries and you will soon feel the difference even if it is just to settle a boisterous youngster. The use of the Exerciser as an additional form of exercise means that horses can have extra outing from the stable without the need for extra labour, saving time and money. The Exerciser has now become an essential item on yards of all equestrian disciplines.