Ground reinforcement

Ecogrid® is our preferred ground reinforcement system, suitable for paddocks, walk ways and exercise pens and horse walkers. Ecogrid® is offers a flexible system which once laid can be filled with stone, earth or seeded with grass. When used in equestrian applications an optional tread layer of silica sand or rubber shread can be added to provide a suitable riding surface.

We install Ecogrid® alongside our round pens, horse walkers, field shelters and anywhere that is likely to become either overly muddy or boggy when the weather deteriates.

Ecogrid® has numerous other non equestrian applications, including overflow car parks, driveways and as a base for timber buildings.

Riding Arena

We installed this riding arena for a private customer, beside their home in Northumberland, using ecogrid on top of a levelled ground, filled with sand and topped with a crumb rubber finish. The Ecogrid helps prevent the surface spreading, maintaining an even and predictable riding surface.

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